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About Litex Nederland B.V.

Litex Netherlands B.V. is engaged in the marketing and sales of the quality brand Litex Sportswear

Litex Sportswear focuses on athletes and active people. Litex Sportswear ensures that quality is guaranteed, provides customer service and fast delivery. This added value is achieved through in-house production and direct delivery from the factory. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by delivering a European product and matching price / quality.

Start with the online sale of the sportswear brand Litex Sportswear, since 1991, to see what the Dutch and Belgian consumers think of the brand and quality.
From the first day it is a resounding success and many positive reviews followed.

Affiliate sales through Zwemkleding.nl, Beslist.nl, 123plons.nl and many other sales partners.

Thuiswinkel Waarborg certificate obtained and SSL encryption.
Bol.com will also become a sales channel and affiliate partners will be further expanded.

Moves to Dr. Hub van Doorneweg 183 in Tilburg due to expansion of the occupation.
Participation in the XS 2017 Shopping Awards in the Sportswear sales category <4 million,
4th place achieves next year. The averages were certainly a compliment.
Litex Netherlands B.V. has acquired the rights for the Relax and R2 brand.
Spartoo.nl will sell Litex Sportswear through their online channels.


What else can you expect from us in the short term;

1. Customer service will be further optimized
2. Return handling is better arranged
3. The Dutch-language catalog will be sent by post
4. Stock will be taken to the Netherlands for even faster delivery

And of course we are more concerned with improving our service.

In short, Litex Sportswear is the supplier of high quality, sportswear and swimwear at market prices.

You have 30 days to return or exchange the ordered item, at no extra cost !!