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Litex Sportswear, the best sportswear and swimwear

Litex is a European manufacturer that has been selling swimwear and sportswear for women, men and children since 1991. Through its years of experience, using the latest materials and techniques, Litex 4 times a year to present the most beautiful and trendy sports and swimwear of durable quality. Because Litex Sportswear is convinced of its quality of its products, we give a three-year guarantee on our products!

Product Range

Litex Sportswear has a huge range. From sporty bathing suits to female bikinis; from trendy sports shorts to complete fitness outfits. But not only the ladies are at the right address here; for the men and children you also have a wide choice of sporty bath and sports clothing. Ideal, succeed for the whole family in one go!

Litex Sportswear is extremely versatile. Everything can be found at this brand! You are at the right place at Litex Sportswear when you have a size and you want to feel comfortable and elegant in bath and sportswear. Or if you want to relax in delicious clothes during the special period of a pregnancy. Litex Sportswear has chosen not only to use models with size 34 in the presentation of its bath and sportswear. We have a mix of models that fit better with the average European woman.

More reasons to order at Litex Sportswear!

Choosing our garments and accessories ensures that you not only have high-quality and durable sportswear but you buy them at an affordable price. As a customer you always have a 30-day cooling-off period and decide to exchange or return items, which is free of charge.

Litex Sportswear customer service is available for you 7 days a week from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm! We want to make the difference through our personal contact, you are the customer and so you can feel that at Litex Sportswear.